Today the school principal, Dr. Erbas conducted a seminar with three different 10 classes. He talked about 7 multiple-intelligences and 3 types of learners. When we think about our lives, we face various learning experiences. Some of these experiences have had a better impact than others. This may be due to different intelligence and learning styles of different people. We now know that people can be intelligent in a number of different areas. On top of the usual math, logic and language smarts, you can be smart in music, in physical movement, in visualization abilities, and even in your dealings with other people. All of us have different abilities, talents, and strengths, in different categories of intelligence, and in different combinations. Recognizing the unique way you think, learn and solve problems can help you realize your full potential at work or play. At the end of the seminar the students have discovered their intelligences and learning types.